Utilize your time wisely

Yesterday I watched an emotional  video in Facebook which really touched me but unfortunately I didn’t find the video from Youtube so I can’t share it with you. The video was about a young Muslim guy named Ali who was being interviewed by Sheikh Mohamed Hoblos. Ali is in his early twenties and has already accumulated a lot of wealth. Because of the high amount of wealth he possessed,  he was too busy enjoying his money which was distracting him from The Deen. He has all the fancy cars and  In the video he even showed the sheikh a pair of slippers which costed him 700$. So you might have a sense of what kind of life Ali was living. A couple of months ago Ali heard news that was going to change his life for good. He was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors gave him only 7 months to live.These news devastated him at first but after a while he realized that he had to change the course of his life. He understood that he had wasted his precious time in worthless material matters. He decided to turn back to Allah and to use his fortune in helping other people in need. These days Ali is engaged in many charity activities and he has traveled to several African countries to make the lives of the poor people better.

lataus (1)

Later on Ali described his diagnoses of cancer as a gift from Allah and indeed  a gift it truly was. Because of the cancer Ali  changed his life totally and realized that he has to use the 7 months left for him wisely before he departs from this world permanently. I think Ali is a great example for the rest of us Muslims. Money and material matters will never make you truly happy. Only by following the lifestyle that Allah ordained for us and by serving his servant’s we will attain true happiness and contentment. At the end of the day we are here only to worship Allah as Allah says in the Quran, so why chase the dunya which in the end will leave you  unsatisfied and miserable anyway? We don’t no when we are going to depart from this world so why not utilize our time wisely now when we still have a chance? Starting from today make an intention that everything you do, you do it for the sake of Allah. For instance, when you study make an intention that you want to benefit other people with your knowledge after you have graduated. Immediately after you make this intention you well see a lot of barakah in your work. Allah will help you in every situation if you work towards pleasing him and the biggest way to make Allah pleased with you is by helping and benefiting others.

So brothers and sisters let as implement this way of thinking in our lives and let as begin to strive in making this world a better place for all of us. Let us learn our religion and use our time left correctly and not wait until Allah sends a calamity in our way in order to wake us up from our heedlessness. As Allah says in the Holy Quran”So whoever would hope for the meeting with his Lord – let him do righteous work and not associate in the worship of his Lord anyone.”

So let us prepare for the meeting with Allah by  doing a lot of good and living a righteous life with full of purpose. After you  do this , you will see  a huge change in your life and you will feel happy and content. I ask Allah to make us Doers of good to aid us  become righteous servant’s of Allah who follow the path of prophet Muhammad(peace and blessings be upon him) and to  abide by his teachings.


The atrocities comited in Paris by extremist’s

I guess we all are aware by now about what happened in Paris. It’s very unfortunate that these kind’s of action are made by extremist muslims. They are the reason muslims living in the western world are targeted by islamophobic people and discriminated regularly. We often get negative comment’s from non-muslim people that we are not condemning these terrorist actions enough. I have to disagree with that. Muslim’s  continually condemn these action’s on social media, but unfortunately the media doesn’t want to highlight these honest peace loving muslims. They only highlight the 0.03% of the mulsims who are guilty of these actions. Terrorism has no religion, they can be found from every nation, regardless of religion or nationality.

It’s very sad to see that so many people living in the western world believe these allegations made by the media painting all muslim’s as terrorists. It seem’s like they try their everything to make Islam look bad. Isn’t it funny how every time these terrorist’s commit these atrocities, they leave their ID or passport to the crime scene? Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I have a little feeling that this was some kind of setup to make muslims look guilty and to paint the whole religion of Islam as violent.

We put our trust in Allah and we continue being optimistic about the future. We should never loose hope in the mercy of Allah. I know it feels frustrating seeing muslims suffering around the globe and being blamed as terrorist, but we need to remember that Allah’s help is indeed near. We need to educate our selves more about Islam and spread the message of peace to our fellow colleges, neighbors and the rest of non-muslims who we are living amongst.


About me

I’m a 21 yearold somali man from Finland. I was born here and been living here ever since. I currently study Industrial engineering at the university of applied science Metropolia. This is my second year and I’m getting busier and busier day by day. It feels like that I don’t have enough time to fulfill all my tasks. I’ve been attending madrasa classes for almost 4 years now and I go there once a week every Sunday. I also go to the mosque regularly. At this age I’ve realized the importance of time and I have stopped wasting much time in meaningless stuff  and instead I’ve started to focus on more important thing like my education and working towards my goals.

Islam is my passion and I want to learn more knowledge about it. I made this blog to share my opinions with you guys and to encourage my fellow Muslim’s  to be more practising.